Who We are

We utilize our experience in System software and IoT to transform ingenious ideas into intelligent products for the world’s most recognizable companies. DATCHIK ELECTRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED is a privately held electronics design company. We deliver a quality experience from the genesis of your concept to product development, production, and after-market product support.

Recognizing the current market and technological trends gives our Electronic Product Engineering team an advantage in choosing and assisting clients in achieving their purpose and dreams of new products that are thoroughly studied and successfully launched.

Datchik encompasses all aspects of software development, from electronic system design to electronic manufacturing services. We do research, study, and analyse technology to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Empowering your next-generation IoT services

Service provider in the rapidly increasing Internet-Of-Things age, providing transformative and innovative embedded and semiconductor solutions to the world’s top organizations, in addition to leading innovation-driven innovations.

Our mission

DATCHIK provides more innovative, productive, and affordable, high-tech solutions to a global society so that we can put the most inclusive technology at your service and make your life simpler while also making the world a better place to live.

Our vision

To build revolutionary technologies and research into new product development to give our customers simple solutions and services that eliminate unnecessary effort and enhance human efficiency and performance. 

Our goals

Through our integrated operating company concept, we improve our overall enterprise and individual business.

To provide new technological solutions for industry executives to solve critical business issues.

What We Do

We provide an end-to-end technical solution, consulting, and Integration services for other companies to develop its rapid prototyping with the help of our expert Software and Hardware Developer team.

 For the last two years, it is our constant endeavour to expand our services in both existing as well as new markets in the increasingly diverse areas. One of the reasons that we can get orders from the companies like M/s. ASTOM DIAGNOSTICS PVT LTD, M/s MEDINAIN ELECTRONICS PVT LTD, DEEP TECHNOLOGIES, M/s CITY FILTERS PVT LTD, E –Tax and many more in India for our well-known and customized services.

 We have the necessary infrastructure and professional teams to develop, mount, and implement appropriate systems based on the client’s specifications.

Industries We Serve

  • Electrical and Automotive industries
  • Bio-Medical equipment
  • E-textile Electronics Industry
  • Process Industries
  • Semiconductor
  • Power
  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation

Our Dedicated Team

Ram Krishna Maurya


Product Development Expert

Dr T S S Subramanian

Mentor/ Entrepreneur Facilitator

Industrial Expert

Abhishek Kumar Maurya

Technical Specialist

Embedded Programming Expert

Alok Deep

Technical Consultant

Product Designer, Prototyping Expert